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10/07/2018 Michele

Amazing product!

Very easily absorbed into my feet and left my with very soft skin helping to get rid of any hard skin. It smelt lovely and left my feet feeling soothed.

25/06/2018 Amy


I absolutely loved this product! The fragrance was lovely, it absorbed well into my skin, it left my feet feeling moisturised, soft and refreshed! Love Love Love it! :)

22/06/2018 Frank

Transformed my feet!

I loved this product, it absolutely transformed my feet. I will recommend it to all my friends!

24/04/2018 Amelia


Love this Exfoliating Body Mitt - it is so satisfying to use and I saw results instantly. Highly recommend!

29/03/2018 Samantha


The improvement to my feet was amazing!

29/03/2018 Natalie

The Best!

I loved it, the smell, how soft it made my feet and how it transformed them.

29/03/2018 Mandi

Worked wonders!

Worked wonders from the first application

15/02/2018 M

Helped my skin!

I bought this body wash to help sooth my keratosis pilaris, and its done it! my skin feels more moisturised and my pilaris is flatter and less noticable, its also helped clear up spots on my chest too! Thankyou so much !

18/01/2018 Jo

Transforming Body Cream

Lovely, thick and luxurious cream. Left my skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. It's so rich you only need a tiny amount. Great addition to the range. Thank you.

11/01/2018 Kate

No need to moisturise!

I have normal skin and I love the body wash - when I use it I don't need to use a body moisturiser afterwards, even when I'm wearing shorts - brilliant!

20/12/2017 Ann-Marie

The only thing I have ever found that works!!!

I have suffered from Keratosis Pilaris on the backs of my thighs for as long as I can remember, it has always bothered me but I thought they were just spots. I've tried everything over the years, different moisturisers, spot creams and daily scrubbing but nothing ever worked... until I discovered this product and within just three weeks my skin is soooo smooth- I can't stop touching my thighs, I can't quite believe how well it has worked! This product is incredible and I can't recommend it enough!

02/12/2017 David

Finally! The most effective hand cream!

Thank you Ameliorate! Since I was a child my hands have been dry, rough, prematurely aged looking and uncomfortable due to eczema. Often shaking hands I'd want to apologise for how dry my hands must feel. I have tried every cream and oil I could find but they made little difference and I would need to use a lot of the product every couple of hours. Ameliorate Hand Cream has dramatically improved my hands. They look smoother and more even in colour but it's the feeling that I am most impressed by. My hands, for the first time in my life, feel velvety-even my palms and knuckles which have never responded to any other cream! I'm so grateful to have found this product!

25/10/2017 Annie

Superb Hand Cream

Rarely have I been compelled to leave a review for a hand cream, but this one is just superb. Having used this on a daily basis for a couple of weeks, the difference in my skin was quite significant. I also noticed that my nails were less brittle too. All round this has to be one of the best hand creams I've ever used.

24/10/2017 Chris

A Real Gem

Really love how much this hand cream nourishes your hands making them look smoother, softer and younger.

24/10/2017 Marilyn

Fantastic handcreme

I very rarely use handcreme as often it tends to be very greasy. I was pleasantly surprised that this was absorbed easily into skin making it feel wonderfully soft. The fragrance was also very attractive, subtle but not overpowering or sickly as some cremes can be.

20/10/2017 Jane

Best hand cream

This is the best hand cream I've used and I have tried lots of different products. My hands are very dry, but it leaves them looking smooth and much younger. I apply it every night and once during the day and have seen a huge improvement in my cuticles and dry skin.

19/10/2017 Sylvia Battle

Great hydration and softener

My hands suffer all through the year and i find that hand creams just don't seem to do as they are supposed to.That was until i tried Ameliorate intensive hand treatment.My hands are the softest and smoothest that they have ever been after using this product and this is definitely a product that i will be keeping in stock without a doubt.I love it!!!

19/10/2017 Louise

Highly recommended

I have very dry hands and have tried what feels like every hand cream on earth. This has been the best for me. It absores brilliantly and the appearance of my skin is much improved. I have also used it on my 8 year old daughters hands as she also suffers from dry skin. It's works a treat for her too.

17/10/2017 Maria

Best Hand Product I've ever used!

I love this product and will be a life long user, my hands and particularly my cuticles look so much better than ever before.

17/10/2017 Sue

best hand cream I've tried

i love this hand cream easily absorbed no greasy residue, pleasant scent and a big improvement to the appearance of my dry hands, they are left moisturised and protected all day long also my cuticles aren't dry and split anymore

17/10/2017 Caroline

For hands that really "do" do dishes

After years of dry looking wrinkled hands and poor looking cuticles caused by the cold weather and constant washing up I am amazed to find a hand cream that reverses all the damage in a short space of time. No hiding my hands in gloves this winter.

17/10/2017 Leanne

Intense hand cream

I have dry skin on my hands, quite scaley and aged skin, I have used creams for years all types and brands and this is by far the best one I have used. Even after only a day or 2 I seen a massive difference in my skin and my hands felt smooth and silk for the first time in years. This will be a cream I always use now, I have dry skin so I can't wait to try other products if the hand cream is anything to go by. Highly recommended

16/10/2017 Astha Agarwal

Taken 100%

First of all, let’s talk about the shipping, I’m from India and mostly my parcels are lost in transit but this stuff was at my doorstep in 4 days! I was pleasantly surprised. It’s been a month I’ve been using it and I can’t stop touching my shoulders! When I had KP, I never liked running my hands over my shoulders because when touched, they used to kinda tingle and some were painful (not too much). I’m a first time reviewer but I just can’t stop myself from giving this a review! If your problem is same as mine, dry skin and KP, Ameliorate has your back!

15/10/2017 Cathy

Miracle worker

This product is INCREDIBLE!!!! The tops of my arms and thighs were bumpy and felt horrible to touch no matter how much I exfoliated and moisturised then I discovered this and it's just fantastic !!!! Worth every penny!!

12/10/2017 Debbie

Great hand cream

This hand cream is fabulous, hydrating & softens my tatty cuticles. I work as an administrator in a busy office, I find my hands become very dry when handling papers. I can use this and it does not leave my hands with a greasy residue, sinks in immediately; a big thumbs up from me.

11/10/2017 Anna

What a treat!

Fantastic product. A real treat for my poor dry hands. Genuine rapid improvement after application. Absolutely converted to this hand cream! Can’t recommend highly enough

10/10/2017 Lisa

Ace product

I have to say on trying so many different hand creams, this has to be the best for me yet!! I love it and cannot say a bad word about it. From the first use the cream made my hands look and feel great. I suffer with very dry skin and this product just works and I will be the first to recommend it. Thank you

29/08/2017 Jyde

Fantastic product

Really very good body wash and moisturiser. Best I've ever tried. Skin noticeably softer.

18/08/2017 Marta


I've only been using this for a week and have already noticed a significant improvement. I've struggled with fairly severe kp my whole life, and I'm so glad I've found this product!

17/08/2017 Holly

KP virtually gone

I have had KP on my arms and legs my whole life, which has caused me quite a lot of anxiety. I ALWAYS cover my arms because of it. This lotion is incredible. 3 weeks of use (mostly) twice a day and it's virtually gone on my arms. I purposefully didn't try it on my legs to see the difference and it's quite remarkable. I feel so liberated to be able to wear what I want now! Wish I had discovered this sooner.

22/07/2017 Nicola

Skin smooth as silk

Amazing product from the first application literally transformed my dry skin to unbelievable smooth and soft especially my legs which has patches of keratosis pilaris. I have tried lots of products to try and improve the look and feel even products specially recommended to me by a dermatologist for this skin condition which were effective to some extent but not to the effectiveness of this body lotion. The lotion is a pleasure to apply absorbs easily and does not leave a residue on the skin you are left with beautiful soft and moisturised skin. I have also tried the body exfoliant as well and would recommend the 2 products together and you will be left with amazing skin!?

19/07/2017 Sarah

Very good!

I've had red bumpy skin on my cheeks for years, nothing I did made it go away. I scrubbed and scrubbed with mitts and used harsh exfoliators hoping they would help but they only made them worse. I also used loads of different products but nothing helped at all. Im a nursing monthsr so I'm not in a position to have skin peels at the moment, and pregnancy seemed to make my skin even worse. I can across this product and have eneen using it for 3 weeks now, my skin isn't perfect yet but it is amazingly better!!! It is less red and angry and definately less bumpy! I'm hoping it will continue to get even better. It's the best product I have used, and what's more, it is cruelty free and can be used when pregnant and breastfeeding! The product also goes a long way so it is also economical. It runs in well and isn't greasy. The exfoliator makes me skin look instantly 100 times better too. I love it, would totally recommend it to anyone with a similar problem.

29/06/2017 Clair

You need to try this!

As a young girl I suffered with Keratosis Pilaris for years, we did not know at the time that this was an actual condition and could be treated. I felt for my 10 yr old daughter when she started to develop the 'bumps' behind her arms but also all over her knees and lower legs. By pure fluke I watched a video by Caroline Hirons on YouTube that mentioned Keratosis Pilaris and realised this is what I had, and my daughter now has! She recommended Ameliorate and straight away I purchased the body lotion, my daughter has been using it for almost 3 weeks and it has nearly all gone already! So happy I have been able to help my daughter thanks to Ameliorate! I've also sneaked a bit myself and my skin has never felt so smooth!!!! Life long customer right here!! Thanks Ameliorate!

12/06/2017 Deirdre

Love It

Absolutely brilliant stuff have all the ameliorate products . Fantastic love them all

14/03/2017 Lilly


I just wanted to drop you a quick message to say that your skincare had absolutely changed my life. I have(had) quite bad KP on the backs of my arms and thighs since I was a teenager. Since using your products the difference in my skin has been amazing. The body polish and lotion in particular are just incredible. Youre doing such an amazing job, its life changing. So thank you for being you! Ive been blown away! Many thanks, Lilly

02/02/2017 Danielle

Holy Grail of Bathing Powders

Ive been suffering with widespread ridiculously aggravated eczema all over my body and its been tormenting me every second of the day. As soon as I bought my first ameliorate bathing powder and took a bath - instant relief. My eczema is still bugging me but not half as viciously as it was before I started taking 3-4 baths a week with the bathing powder. I sleep better after an ameliorate bath because it just softens, smooths and soothes my impossible skin.

10/01/2017 Mary

The Best!

Ive been using this silky lotion for about a year now. Its simply the best body lotion Ive ever used - with regular use its cured my chicken skin & means Im no longer shy to bare my legs in the Summer. It is easy to smooth on, sinks in quickly without leaving me sticky & is very cost-effective to my mind. If I get e bit bumpy, a quick swish over with the mit smooths it away. Couldnt be happier.

20/09/2016 Izzyb

Love this!

Ive been using this moisturiser about a year now and its really helped with the keratosis pilaris on my legs and arms!

05/09/2016 David

a great cleanser

not much lather and not much smell thankfully but leaves my skin feeling cleansed but not stripped of moisture- a little goes a long way and skin feels eased even before i use the moisturiser

05/09/2016 david


a really great moisturiser- many moisturisers claim to be non greasy but this one really is and so far has delivered on its promise

05/09/2016 david

simple to use

bought a body mitt and had a question about its use, and when i emailed , Annette answered personally within an hour. She told me that i could indeed use the mitt daily and also told me that she uses two simultaneously so that she can cover her whole body without having to take the mitt off and swap hands. so simple but hadnt occurred to me- and it really does speed up the process. thanks Annette

05/09/2016 david

really works

never thought that using a product like this on dry skin would work as i have always used similar products in the shower on damp skin...but it truly worked on not only the rough dry skin areas but just in general and only needed a small amount. i left it on for ten munutes and then took my shower and after my skin was already feeling better before i used the other products

24/08/2016 Sophie

Best KP product EVER

Over the last 15 years I have used pretty much every single product recommended for keratosis pilaris. Nothing has come close to Ameliorate body lotion, it has literally changed my life and hugely boosted my confidence. I would recommend to everyone!

23/08/2016 ST

Still waiting for results!

I have had the product for a few weeks now and whilst I do not use it every day, I am waiting to see the results. The smell (as some comments said) does not bother me, neither does the texture but I will wait a couple more weeks or a month to hopefully see the results I have read everyone else is getting!!

17/08/2016 Jacqueline

It really does what it says it will do!

I have suffered with keratosis all of my life and my 11 year old daughter has it on her arms too. I can hardly believe how effective Ameliorate has been for both of us - it is a miracle product! Within 2 days we both noticed a distinct difference and within a week we had smooth arms. You do have to keep using the lotion but as it is a fab moisturiser this is no hardship. A great product and I am so glad I gave it a chance.

17/08/2016 Jacqueline

An excellent product

I have suffered with keratosis pilaris all of my life, and bought this skin smoother to go with the skin smoothing lotion. It is very nice to use and an excellent exfoliator. In conjunction with the smoothing lotion it banished my bumps within days. A lovely and effective product.

16/08/2016 Helena

Stunning Results

I have kreatosis pilaris since about 10 years and tested the other Ameliorate products so far. by now this is the best one I used and I can not only see but feel results. my skin is healthier, less red and feels so smoth!

09/08/2016 JB

Lovely body lotion

This is light weight and absorbs quickly- I noticed a difference straight away in the overall texture. Not perfumed but has a pleasant scent. Love it.

09/08/2016 JB

Super smoothing body polish

Lovely texture, gentle exfoliating experience. Applied a few minutes before showering lets it soften and condition the skin. Lovely.

09/08/2016 JB

Body Mitt

Great, easy to use, Id recommend it to everyone

09/08/2016 JB

Luxurious shower

Rich cream, nice scent and leaves skin soft and nourished

25/07/2016 D.Stein

Glad I found it!

I lucked upon the skin smoothing body lotion after reading an article about keratosis Pilaris. I had little clue as what these bumps where... I had always had them and just assumed they were normal, although they bothered me. Finding Ameliorate meant that I no longer had to accept something that bothered me. I use the lotion every night and have seen 90% reduction in the keratosis. And although it is pricey, it lasts and lasts as you only require a small amount.

20/07/2016 Kim Baldwin

Couldnt be better!

This lotion is amazing, I havent tried anything for my chicken skin but this clears it up. Shame that once you stop using it my skin does worsen again. I dont think the other ameliorate products come close to this one!

19/07/2016 HH

Really Impressed

I read about Ameliorate on a newspaper review and decided to give it a go. I am about 3/4 through the 200 ml tube and can now see a considerable difference at the backs of my upper arms, and the dimpling is hardly noticeable. As a moisturiser its definitely the best Ive used, I still feel smooth but not sticky at the end of the day. Will be purchasing more soon.

03/07/2016 Terry

Meets expectations

Very impressed with softness of skin after using this lotion. Only negative is that Im not a huge fan of the smell so dont use every day. Will use regularly this month though in preparation for holidays.

23/06/2016 Liz


I have only been using this for 2 weeks and already I have notice a huge difference in my skin. Its already really soft and the horrible bumps feel like they are disappearing before my eyes. It is the best moisturiser I have ever used and the first one that has actually made a difference. I will definitely continue to use Ameliorate and will order the shower wash as well. The only down side is that I wish they did a bottle with a pump as the tube is a little slippery once you start applying the lotion. Best body lotion EVER!!!!!!!!

12/06/2016 Tina

Superb and Amazing Results

I have suffered with Psoriasis and in particular skin fold Psoriasis since the age of 13. Through the years I have probably been prescribed every topical/steroidal lotion, cream, balm, barrier cream and cold tar ointment possible. Even UVA treatment never held the Psoriasis at bay for long. So I have suffered in silence for many years. Enter Ameliorate Bathing Powder. I am not able to get into the bath every day due to Psoriatic Arthritis, however when not bathing, I did each night put the bottom of a scoop of the bathing powder into warm water in the basin. I then proceeded to bathe/wipe the affected skin fold areas each night. After 2 weeks the results to the skin in the affected areas was unbelievable. Less redness, less soreness, no weeping or oozing. The best PLUS point for me was the fact that I was able to reduce the amount of steroidal lotion being used. Now after 3 and a half weeks, I am thrilled to be able to share with you all that I have for the first time in 31 years, actually got beautiful soft pink skin, in all skin fold areas. Ameliorate Bathing Powder has completely transformed my skin. Thank you Annette Luck, from the bottom of my heart, this product has and will continue to change my life.

10/06/2016 K. R.

This is a great product!

While the KP on my arms isnt completely gone, this cream has significantly helped to improve the condition of my skin.

01/06/2016 Heather


I love this lotion! I do not suffer from KP but this lotion leaves my skin soft, smooth and well moisturised. Its an absolute must for the summer months, making my skin look its absolute best! Thank You Ameliorate

31/05/2016 Ciara

This stuff is awesome!

Ive had bumpy & dry skin on the tops of my arms for a long time and no body lotion would improve it. Sure it would add some temporary moisture but the bumps and roughness remained. After a week of using this lotion my skin was a lot smoother and felt soft instead of rough. Really pleased with the difference and will keep using this as its the only product Ive ever used that has improved the look and feel of my skin. Go Ameliorate!

26/05/2016 Mary

Simply the Best

Im 60 and this is the best body lotion Ive ever found. When I get my legs waxed, the regrowth used to grow back into my skin - unsightly, irritating and time-consuming! This has almost disappeared! Waxing is once again an option. Hooray!

16/05/2016 Bradley

The real deal

Having suffered with KP for a number of years, its fair to say I have used every cream, lotion and potion under the sun. Most recently, I stumbled across Ameliorate, and Im so glad I did. After a few appliances of the body lotion, those bumps began to improve and continue to improve. Ameliorate is an award-winning product, and rightly so, its the real deal. The causes of KP I believe, are completely under-looked, and having had the condition for many years, it has not been easy to grow up with and anyone who has KP will know that. Like many of us, Ive always dreamt off a product which would be easy on the skin, non-greasy, non time consuming, and of overall improve the appearance of KP. Ameliorate is just that - its the real deal. Thank you to the team at Ameliorate for their dedication and commitment, in which theyve created a game changing product. Anyone suffering from KP should definitely try this product out - it has definitely improved my skin.

12/05/2016 Donna M

Lovely stuff

This is a lovely soft smelling product , so far so good. It has softened my skin so far and I will be buying more x

12/05/2016 Martha

Every product amazing.

Ive tried loads of products to try and get my skin into shape. Ive now tried all of the Ameliorate products and each one actually works. As well as dealing with the chicken skin theyve been great for spots and ingrown hairs too. Skin so soft and hydrated.

24/03/2016 Ally


Another fabulous product Ameliorate. Skin feels so soft after a soak in the tub now! :-) The ONLY reason I have not given it 5* is because the scoop doesnt fit in the pot - which is annoying when my lil ones keep using/hiding it!!! ;-)

18/03/2016 Georgina

Smoothness in a bottle

It just works!!

10/03/2016 Mrs Batey


After the first use I noticed a difference in my usually dry flaky skin. After second use the chicken skin on my thighs was gone. I love the results!

24/02/2016 Pau

Best cream ever!

I have always suffered from really dry skin. My friend introduced me to the body lotion and the shower gel. My skin looks and feels fantastic. I find the products work better when used in small quantities. I wasnt happy with the fragrance at the beginning but I got used to it. Would highly recommend it.

21/02/2016 sue

Fantastic product

I have suffered with dry irritated skin for what seems like forever! Being a bath lover I have tried various products to prevent my skin being stripped of moisture including the doctors lotions and potions but always seem to end up with greasy feeling skin and a very oily bath to clean. This powder has made bathing worry free leaving my skin lovely and soft, soothed and comfortable. If like me you love to bathe, you must get this its a godsend. I cant praise this product enough

10/02/2016 Heather

Bathing Beauty!

This product is gorgeous! I have been a shower only girl for many years, but this product has lured me back to the bath. My skin feels incredibly smooth, soft and hydrated after a soak using this bathing powder. The smell is clean and fresh, and not at all cloying like some bath/shower products. Using with the body lotion my skin has never looked or felt better. A really lovely treat at the end of a hard day.

27/01/2016 Onvie

Didnt work on my KP at all but a nice moisturiser.

This didnt do anything to improve the appearance of my particular type of KP. I used it twice a day for about three weeks and there was no change at all. It is nice as a moisturizer. It doesnt feel heavy or greasy on the skin and it is nicely moisturising. Usually I wouldnt wear a body moisturizer at all because of how skin-suffocating they feel but because of the pleasant feel of this, I enjoy it as a moisturiser. I am very disappointed as a KP sufferer because it so many positive reviews. My KP isnt the rough, bumpy kind. Mine is more - lots of very visible red dots on my legs and arms.

26/01/2016 Jessica

Baby soft skin

What a fantastic product, after the first use my skin was so soft. It is extremely soothing and hydrating and is even helping my sore chemically acne treated skin on my back without irritating! Will continue to use this until my wedding in March, fingers crossed my arms will be so much smoother & I won't feel self conscious about them in the day!

22/01/2016 Vicki

Bathing Powder Power!

I was fortunate enough to sample this product recently and was pleasantly surprised at how affective it was on my extremely dry skin. I love baths, but my skin doesnt, even when using sensitive cleansing products. After one use of this delicately scented Bathing Powder, there was a marked improvement. My skin felt like it had a light moisturising barrier enveloping it and it didnt feel tight, sore and itchy as it usually did after a generous soak in the bath. My children suffer with mild eczema, which often flares up after a bath. Pleased to say that this didnt occur while using this product. It hasnt eradicated our skin issues, but it has certainly alleviated them to an extent and has allowed the whole family to enjoy bath time. I would definitely recommend.

22/01/2016 Laura


I have been using Ameloriate now for several months however as any KP sufferer knows having a bath is relaxing for the first minute and then panic and worry about how long its going to take to get moisture back in your skin after. Well panic no more this bath soak is amazing, my skin feels hydrated when I get out and if that wasnt enough my KP has almost gone. This product and range has given me so much more confidence as I can now wear what I want without the worry of my chicken skin

30/12/2015 Katherine

This works!

After suffering with KP since I was a teenager I have tried so many different creams and lotions with rather meh success. Ive only been using it a few weeks so far but have seen such a huge improvement in the skin on my arms and thighs. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me, I will be repurchasing without a doubt.

09/12/2015 Catherine

My Saviour!!

I have always have dry and rough skin since young, and its made worst with KP on my legs. I always dread wearing anything that would expose my legs and lets just say that the feel of these rough bump totally destructed my self esteem. Tones of over the counter lotions has been tried and none could improve my skin condition. I chanced to know about Ameliorate last year (thats after enduring KP for > 15 years) through magazine and since then i have never look back. KP condition has been improved and never in my life to know that my skin could be this smooth after applying Ameliorate. No problem with shorts anymore.... and ill definitely continue to use it!

19/11/2015 Heather

Love this product

Just repurchased for the 4th time....enough said!

06/11/2015 Adelle

Good skin is commitment not a miracle

Since I can remember Ive always had rough dry skin, particularly the backs of my arms felt aweful. As Ive gotten older these areas are now also my legs. Ive gone through ranges of cheap and really not so cheap creams over the last 15 years but if anything most made my sensitive skin seem slightly spotty and added to my issue of this bumpy dry chicken skin! I fell into the lap of ameliorate but had given up along time ago with even investing any more expense into trying to make my skin feel beautiful and smooth, I just told myself I have rubbish skin its not Ment to be! A friend who I never knew felt the same about her skin convinced me IT WORKED! So I sceptically went ahead brought and applied and needless to say Im a regular ameliorate buyer. The first application after a few hours my skin began to feel softer and certainly smoother, I continued daily using it as part of my regieme and my skin has never felt like this before. I feel protected against drying weather whilst my skin absorbs the lotion through the day. Im committed to this product like no other. Not only commitment to looking after your skin you see some great results but its also a Miracle a product for chicken skin has finally been created, so happy I came acrosst it. Thank you ameliorate.

06/11/2015 Maryma

Beautiful results!

I wish this body lotion had been around in my youth! Easy to smooth on, a little goes a very long way & its made a huge difference, especially to my upper arms & shins. This is the first year for decades that Ive bared my legs from the Spring & got a little tan! Thighs have taken longer, but with more regular dry massaging with the nifty mit & remembering to lotion-up twice a day, Im seeing a benefit. Thank You Ameliorate! (Perhaps as sales pick up, the price might come down a bit?...but worth every penny!)

06/11/2015 Jane


I bought this for my 10 year old daughter who is very conscious of the KP she has on her arms. We noticed that the skin was softer and smoother within a week of starting to use the body lotion we are both delighted.

21/09/2015 Anna

The improvement is incredible

I have been using Ameliorate body lotion on my nearly 4 year old son, he has a very bad case of KP on his arms, thighs, eyebrows and cheeks. Id avoided it previously because I wasnt sure if it was ok for his young skin. However, after speaking to Annette at the MyShowcase Beauty Conference she said go for it and that it would be safe to use. 3 days in and the improvement is incredible, so I felt compelled to share. Its gone on his cheeks and his eyebrows have really calmed down. Prior to MyShowcase I didnt know what these lumps were and it would seem neither did my doctor as he has been on a number of different creams from steroid to antibacterial with absolutely no improvement. Only problem is, its so much better that I cant now do before and after pics!

17/08/2015 Lucy

No more chicken skin!!

Ive suffered from KP since puberty, and after various treatments from my GP didnt work I had given up on ever getting rid of it. By chance I saw a magazine article recommending Ameliorate, and its safe to say it has worked completely! My KP has virtually disappeared and my skin feels softer and healthier. Would recommend to anyone!!

10/08/2015 Liz

Psoriasis and Ameliorate

Ive had psoriasis for twenty years and tried EVERYTHING from prescription steroids (that work but are pretty harsh and thin the skin), to outpatient light therapy, to sunshine, to a gluten free diet, to endless kinds of body lotions. It could just be coincidence that the psoriasis has cleared up when I started using Ameliorate, but this is the first summer Ive felt happy wearing shorts and a swimsuit again. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!! Not only does my skin look normal but it actually feels the softest ever. This really is an amazing product and it might be something that medical dermatologists could investigate for the treatment of psoriasis.

13/05/2015 Mary

Skin saver - 100% fan

I have had KP on my thighs for most of my adult life. Ameliorate is WONDERFUL AMAZING. I cannot believe the difference it has made to my skin, just a miracle. I have just purchase more, it is a skin-saver. Fake tan goes on easier, suntan appears more quickly, I am a 100% fan.

16/03/2015 Robbie

Chicken Skin!

I was given the Ameliorate Body Lotion as a gag gift on my birthday since I am a long term sufferer of Chicken Skin, however it soon turned out to be the best gift I have been given in a long time. After using it once my chicken skin soon began to deteriorate, staying smooth and moisturized much longer than other lotions. After continuous use my chicken skin has disappeared completely leaving my arms extremely smooth. I would highly recommend this to anyone else who also suffers from chicken skin!

07/11/2014 Heather

Love it!

Ive just re-purchased this again.... I love this body cream! Skin smooth and soft, best ive used.

07/11/2014 Heather

Lovely Product

Having tried and loved the body lotion i expected great things from this shower cream. It did not disappoint! My skin feels soft and refreshed after showering and smells divine. A new must have product for me.... well done ameliorate!

24/10/2014 Jessica


I have been using ameliorate for the past few weeks and I have seen a massive improvement in my arms and legs. I would recommend this product to anyone. Totally brilliant.

25/09/2014 Sue

Wonder Cream

im so impressed with the results, bumpy skin has smoothed and is so soft. Tried it on a patch of rough dry skin that has been a problem for over ten years, at last after trying everything else this has done the trick! would highly recommend ameliorate for problem skin

22/09/2014 Fiona

No more

I dont suffer from "chicken skin" but I have always had very dry shins which look like they have dandruff". I have tried regular moisturisers but the result was always only a temporary disappearance of the said "dandruff". I was amazed using Ameliorate that I havent had scaly shin skin all summer. Love it! superb for gently exfoliating away dry dead skin with ease.

21/09/2014 Lucy

Amazing product!

Cant recommend this cream enough! After years of furiously exfoliating my arms and using every single wonder-lotion under the sun, I came across Ameliorate about two months ago and have seen a dramatic improvement since then. My skin feels much less dry and a lot softer, and the rough bumpiness has all but disappeared! The smell is fresh, the application is smooth - I really cannot fault it!

20/09/2014 Tish

Love this product!

I cant get enough of this product. Have been using it since the summer and the difference is incredible. I have minimal KP, but my skin can get very dry. It now feels so smooth and moisturised and as a bonus my tan is well preserved two months down the line! I know it is not recommended but I use the product on my face and have had so many comments on how healthy and fresh my skin looks. Im so happy with the difference its made and I would really recommend it.

05/09/2014 Heather


I must confess to being a product junkie... i have been a devotee of kiehls creme de corps for many years until now. Ameliorate has transformed my skin, especially on my forearms which have horrid sun damage (child of the 70s!)They are now clearer and smooth after only 2 weeks of use. I have also used it on my heels which after a summer of flip-flops are quite dry and cracked, they now look smooth and feel so soft.. all cracks gone!! I absolutely love this product, it smells clean and fresh and absorbs really quickly leaving no sticky residue but keeps my skin hydrated all day. I have just re-purchased as i really do not want to run out. Hope youll do it in a bigger size soon.

04/09/2014 Kate

Outshines other moisturisers!

I dont suffer from chicken skin but my skin felt dry and very under nourished. After using Ameliorate for a week my skin became re-energised, smooth and supple. What most impressed me was how the cream absorbed into my skin so quickly and after applying in the morning I still felt fully moisturised 12 hour later. I will be recommending to family and friends.

02/09/2014 Tina

Great Product

My skin is so much better after using this cream for a few weeks. Really smooth. Amazing.

02/09/2014 Jane


Amazing. the best moisturiser I have ever used. Keeps my skin lovely and soft and has done wonders for my summer feet.

02/09/2014 Jess


Ive had bumps and rough skin on the backs of my thighs for ages. I didnt know what it was and a friend told me about KP and your product - it is amazing!!! Ive been using it for a couple of weeks now and the bumps have already disappeared and my skin is really soft. Love the smell too.

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