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AMELIORATE is indebted to the fabulous, unbiased, reviews that we receive from beauty experts, editors and journalists, we can’t thank you enough for your kind words and support! 

Our Intensive Hand Treatment got the thumbs up from The Telegraph's Stella Magazine who gave it the 'Smart Ager' stamp of approval!
Our Transforming Body Lotion with a Hint of Colour is Glamour Magazine's go-to for achieving healthy-looking skin! "It brightens the complexion, while giving it a subtle golden glow that washes off. Making it ideal for the fake tan commitment-phobes, or for quick fix-ups."
Woman magazine feature our Transforming Body Lotion with a hint of colour. "It's a cult fave and it'll give you a healthy glow to perk your look up, too."
If you're going to use a body lotion, chose one that works! Our Transforming Body Lotion was recommended in Stella Sunday Telegraph Magazine's top 5, as one that is worth the effort. Go forth and slather!
"As well as a hefty dose of lactic acid to blitz the bumps into submission, it also masks them instantly with a subtle golden tint"
"Obsessed. Turns skin into velvet in all of two days."

"The Einstein of body moisturisers."
Many products come and go across the beauty director Katy Young's desk each month, but only the very best become a feature of her daily routine. And now she is addicted to our Body lotion!
Sali Hughes talking about our Hint of a Tint Body Lotion for instant smooth, tanned legs.
"You will be amazed by the results."
26/06/2014 Edwina Ings-Chambers featured our Body Lotion.
23/11/2014 Katie Service featured our Body Lotion.
20/09/2015 Sarah Jossel featured our Body Lotion.
12/11/2017 Sarah Jossel featured our Body Lotion and Exfoliant.
"AMELIORATE Skin Smoothing Body Polish, contains lactic acid to dissolve the little 'plugs' that clog follicles and make skin bumpy."
"It's a true game-changer." Kate Shapland, Beauty Editor The Telegraph Magazine
"Leaves my body skin feeling preposterously smooth and soft. Ameliorate really is healthy skin in a tube" - Inge van Lotringen, Beauty Editor Cosmopolitan UK
"Miraculous". Sarah Vine, Daily Mail.
"The first product in the UK specifically treating the condition."
"I think this might be the most effective product I have ever used."
"You know those annoying little bumps you get on the back of your arms? Be annoyed no more."
"Formulated to banish those unsightly red bumps on the backs of arms and legs, Ameliorate does the job brilliantly and is also a great hydrating body lotion"
17/07/2016 India Knight featured our Body Exfoliant.
23/04/2017 Sarah Jossel featured our Fragrance-Free Body Lotion.
"is the first KP specific product to launch in the UK"
"Basically re-texturises the rough skin on the back of your arms and is amazing for any other kind of dry skin issue." Sophie Beresiner, ELLE's Beauty Director
"Works brilliantly."
04/04/2015 Lesley Thomas featured our Body Lotion.
04/11/17 Lesley Thomas featured our Bathing Powder.
"Genius for banishing any rough, red bumps and also for delivering the kind of smooth, glowing limbs you haven't seen since your 20's."
"Positively laced with lactic acid to encourage the skin’s natural exfoliation system. Just Ameliorate!" Annabel Rivkin, Evening Standard
"An excellent new one that has proven very effective on my upper arms (a goose-bump hotspot)." Sali Hughes,The Guardian Weekend Magazine
"I often wax-lyrical about this body lotion and rave about it to anyone that will listen." You'll be hooked.
"Offer(s) the ideal blend of moisturiser and lactic acid. Nadine Baggott, Health & Beauty Director Hello Magazine "
"For arms as smooth as Michelle Obama's, look no further. Bella Blissett, Mail You Magazine"
"After just two days of using Ameliorate Body Lotion, I noticed a huge difference." Jo Glanville-Blackburn, Beauty Director Woman and Home Magazine
"Keep skin super smooth."
"Promises sufferers smoother and softer skin."
"Ground-breaking skincare product developed to help improve the appearance of Keratosis Pilaris (Chicken Skin) and other dry skin conditions."
"Don’t let dry, rough, bumpy skin on the back of your arms, spoil your special day."
"Upgrading to a body cream that includes skin polishing AHAs makes a big difference to ingrowing hairs, bumps and any flaky dryness."
"The clever cream exfoliates skin while giving a serious moisture hit."
"Lactic acid exfoliates and releases dry, dead cells as a trio of potent moisturising ingredients rehydrate."
"Ameliorate Shower Cream cleanses without stripping the skin of its natural oils."
"This lactic acid-rich body lotion can sort out dry summer skin overnight."
"Smooth Operator."
"This stuff is truly incredible."
"The New Chicken Skin Treatment That Actually Works."
"Scaly Shins? Use AMELIORATE Skin Smoothing Body Lotion. The AHAs dissolve the bonds that keep dead skin cells in place."
"no more bobbly skin."
"At Last! A Cure for ‘Chicken Skin’."
"Ameliorate Body Lotion does two jobs in one – it exfoliates, then deeply re-hydrates."
"Gleaming results."
"This transforms your bath into a blissful skin-softening soak."
"Ameliorate Skin Softening Bathing Powder – to moisturise, soften and comfort dry skin."
"It works brilliantly at softening dry, cracked skin." Sali Hughes, The Guardian Weekend Magazine
"Seriously soothing for parched skin."
"An absolute essential for upper arms; it was one of the first products to address keratosis pilaris."
"Our Skin Softening Bathing Powder made it into the top 5 Apres-Ski beauty picks!"
"Try Ameliorate Skin Smoothing Body Lotion with AHAs, it even smooths away small bumps on the back of the arms."
"Ameliorate's Skin Smoothing Body Polish is an epiphany. Super-scrubbily satisfying,softening and sensible." Annabel Rivkin, The Evening Standard
"Goodbye chicken skin!"

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