AMELIORATE Skin Smoothing Body Lotion. Scientifically Proven.


Two hours after application the moisture content in the skin is 130% greater than before use and 80% greater after 12 hours.


The Antera 3D® skin analysis system

During AMELIORATE Skin Smoothing Body Lotion's development we sought a way to objectively measure the improvement in skin smoothness that was being reported by our users. We used the Antera 3D® system, a novel imaging device that allows the user to view the skin in both 2 and 3 dimensions as well as providing a multi-spectral analysis of the epidermis and dermis.

Antera 3D® is based on an advanced optical technology developed at Trinity College Dublin, and we used it to take 'before' and 'after' images from a section of skin from a volunteer's arm, who had a moderate case of Keratosis Pilaris (‘chicken skin’).

The Antera 3D® system software has the ability to automatically find exactly the same area of skin that has been previously photographed. This means that we can accurately map the changes in skin smoothness before and after using AMELIORATE Skin Smoothing Body Lotion.

The Antera 3D Skin analysis system


These images were analysed using the 'elevation' analysis provided by the Antera 3D® system. As you can see, both the number and height of bumps on the user’s skin (the red and green blobs) have been significantly reduced after four weeks use of AMELIORATE Skin Smoothing Body Lotion, applied twice a day.


This second group of images also show 'before' and 'after' images of a KP subject’s skin, and have been analysed by the Antera 3D® system in 'Melanin mode', which measures the pigment concentration in the skin. This allows us to see the presence of the white bumps in the 'before' image that are the hair follicles plugged with Keratin and dead skin cells. After four weeks of twice daily application of AMELIORATE Skin Smoothing Body Lotion, the 'after' image shows that the presence of these white bumps has been dramatically reduced.

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