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Our famous Transforming Body Lotion contains Alpha Hydroxy Therapy to exfoliate and our unique LaH6 Skin Hydration Complex, clinically proven to moisturise for up to 12 hours.

AMELIORATE is designed for people with very dry skin, dehydrated skin, bumpy skin, rough skin, Keratosis Pilaris and ingrown hairs but it will leave EVERYBODY’S skin beautifully soft and smooth.

I’ve been using this silky body lotion for about a year now. It’s simply the best body lotion I’ve ever used – with regular use it’s cured my chicken skin and means I’m no longer shy to bare my legs in the Summer. Couldn’t be happier. - Mary 1.1.2017
  • AMELIORATE Transforming Body Lotion resurfaces the uppermost layers of your skin.

    Optimum levels of Lactic Acid, a naturally occurring Alpha Hydroxy Acid, encourage the skin's natural exfoliation process, gently removing surface dead skin and debris whilst also stimulating the renewal of healthy skin cells.

    Together with our unique LaH6 Skin Hydration Complex, moisture levels are immediately replenished and significantly enhanced, providing instant comfort and a healthier look.

    This lightweight, easily-absorbed lotion is proven to work around-the-clock, progressively refining and improving skin texture and condition.

    Skin is left feeling softer, smoother and healthier-looking.

    Clinically proven to significantly increase moisture levels in the skin for up to 12 hours.

    Suitable for all skin types. Suitable for children over 3 years. Safe for use on the face.



Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 4.8

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I don't suffer from "chicken skin" but I have always had very dry shins which look like they have 'dandruff". I have tried regular moisturisers but the result was always only a temporary disappearance of the said "dandruff". I was amazed using Ameliorate that I haven't had scaly shin skin all summer. Love it! superb for gently exfoliating away dry dead skin with ease. (22 Sep 2014, 16:10)

Amazing product!

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Can't recommend this cream enough! After years of furiously exfoliating my arms and using every single 'wonder'-lotion under the sun, I came across Ameliorate about two months ago and have seen a dramatic improvement since then. My skin feels much less dry and a lot softer, and the rough 'bumpiness' has all but disappeared! The smell is fresh, the application is smooth - I really cannot fault it! (21 Sep 2014, 22:22)

Love this product!

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I cant get enough of this product. Have been using it since the summer and the difference is incredible. I have minimal KP, but my skin can get very dry. It now feels so smooth and moisturised and as a bonus my tan is well preserved two months down the line! I know it is not recommended but I use the product on my face and have had so many comments on how healthy and fresh my skin looks. I'm so happy with the difference its made and I would really recommend it. (20 Sep 2014, 11:46)


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I must confess to being a 'product junkie'... i have been a devotee of kiehls creme de corps for many years until now. Ameliorate has transformed my skin, especially on my forearms which have horrid sun damage (child of the 70's!)They are now clearer and smooth after only 2 weeks of use. I have also used it on my heels which after a summer of flip-flops are quite dry and cracked, they now look smooth and feel so soft.. all cracks gone!! I absolutely love this product, it smells clean and fresh and absorbs really quickly leaving no sticky residue but keeps my skin hydrated all day. I have just re-purchased as i really do not want to run out. Hope you'll do it in a bigger size soon. (05 Sep 2014, 06:02)

Outshines other moisturisers!

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I don't suffer from chicken skin but my skin felt dry and very under nourished. After using Ameliorate for a week my skin became re-energised, smooth and supple. What most impressed me was how the cream absorbed into my skin so quickly and after applying in the morning I still felt fully moisturised 12 hour later. I will be recommending to family and friends. (04 Sep 2014, 15:57)
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